Guide to Owning a Motor Scooter

Guide to Owning a Motor Scooter

If you plan on using your new scooter on the road, you will need to have a motorcycle insurance policy. You will need to present that proof of scooter insurance at your DMV when buying a scooter license plate. It’s a good idea while you are there to check to see what the laws in your state are for wearing a helmet also. Some states don’t require it, but even so, it’s your head, it depends how attached you are to it.

Some basic scooter maintenance will go a long way to making your commute to work or school more enjoyable. It’s good to get to know your scooter, and what things need to be looked at and checked on a regular basis. It’s always a good idea to look your scooter over before every ride. I think you will find that most basic maintenance is quite simple even if you have never done anything mechanical before.

If you have a new Chinese scooter, which are become so popular because of the great looks and low prices, finding parts sometimes can be a little tricky unless you’ve done some homework. The parts are actually easy to come by if you know where to shop.

OK so now you have scooter insurance, you found where to get scooter parts, and you can do some basic scooter maintenance, now you are ready to hit the road! Cruising down country roads on your new scooter is pretty sweet. If you would like to ride with other like minded scooter lovers, maybe you should consider joining a scooter club. There are lots of them worldwide. There should be one near you, and if not you can put the word out and maybe start your own.

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